Mango Fall 2011 Video | The Great Escape

The promotional video entitled The Great Escape for Mango’s Fall 2011 collection features Kate Moss and Terry Richardson on the run in a van racing through iconic locations of Paris such as the Mini Palais, Place de la Concorde, Place de l’Alma, Champs Elysées and the Centre Pompidou. And yes they are wearing a mask with Terry’s face on it (say what?). The final scene -sees them arriving at their destination- was shot and broadcast live during the Mango Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show at the Centre Pompidou last month.

Mango Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show final walkthrough.

‘Working with Mango was incredible, as was working with Terry Richardson. I loved working with him in the video. It was fantastic both of us being in front of the camera, it’s a completely different sensation. I loved not being alone and having somebody to share ideas with.’ -Kate Moss

I think this was easy money in the bank for Kate and Terry. I totally don’t get the concept of the video, and the collection was only seen briefly, too briefly. With that being said, I think incorporating fashion with video is a lot harder than it seems. First of all, you got to have a clear concept, a good one and then find the perfect scenes to showcase the collection because let’s face it, it has always been about the clothes. Easy? What do you think? All glitz and no substance.

This was probably one of the worst videos I’ve seen ever. The concept and collection must go hand in hand and this one was way off. Kate Moss? Terry Richardson of all people? I mean at least the leading role should have gone to the face of Mango, no? Scarlett Johansson if I’m correct. It’s just common sense. And for the record, Terry didn’t have to be in it. Maybe Mango needs a shakeup in their creative direction.

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