Filipa Fino Leaves Vogue

Ex-senior accessories director of Vogue US, Filipa Fino, has left the magazine after 11 years on the job. I repeat LEFT. Rumours are rife that she has been fired over ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Heck, anything can constitute to inappropriate behaviour. Apparently there is talk that she received outside consulting gigs and pocketed accessories samples for herself.

‘I got a lot of offers prior to this to consult. I never took them, because you’re not allowed to as a Vogue editor’ -Filipa Fino

From what I’ve been reading online, she does not openly deny being fired but merely states ‘Those are all rumors’. If you do not confirm or respond vaguely to a question, rumours are bound to arise. This reminds me of when Carine Roitfeld left Vogue Paris. What is up with all this ‘political mess’ at magazines? This is of interest to me and puzzles me because why would you want to leave when you are at the top of your game? Unless of course, you have achieved everything in that particular company that you have set out to do. Does it end there then? And is that really all that you have set out to do? Or if it is the other case (i.e. getting fired), should you not just do what you gotta do and nothing more? Or was the offer of the gig just too tempting for you? Well, we will never know for sure.

But what we do know is that Filipa Fino will be setting up her own consulting firm FFConsulting (Filipa Fino Consulting) and her own accessories blog. I’ll be sure to follow her blog then.

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