Recently, I came across an Australian quarterly fashion publication called FASHIONTREND Australia. FASHIONTREND Australia, as the name suggests places a lot of emphasis on the Australian fashion scene with international fashion, editorials, beauty trends and the like blended in as well.

‘Offering a unique blend of exclusive runway images, alluring editorials, designer profiles, sublime beauty trend information and dedicated coverage of the Australian fashion scene, FASHIONTREND Australia is ‘The Essential Fashion Quarterly’ magazine.’

That is what I’m impressed about. A local fashion magazine that is dedicated to supporting local fashion. That is one way (i.e. having supportive local media) of supporting local fashion talent. Local fashion talent could comprise of fashion designers, fashion bloggers or fashion sites, fashion consulting agencies and the like. They run the gamut.

It is a pity that here in Singapore, local fashion is not widely publicised, or not as much as I would like it to be. I’m sure there will be enough content to run at least a bi-annual publication for starters that could be published to coincide with the two major fashion seasons. That being said, to publish it is one thing, to have an audience who reads it is another thing. That I’m sure is what fashion naysayers are concerned about -readership and circulation.


If money is an issue, surely having a bi-annual publication rather than a monthly magazine will help cut costs. Of course a good amount of pages dedicated to advertising will help offset this cost. Cost issues aside, it is still a risk to take. A magazine does not turnover a profit until a couple of years later.

Thereafter, a good marketing strategy and promotions calendar should be in place to get word about the magazine out there. Sponsor events, liaise with bloggers, PR and marketing reps, you know the drill. Get the local fashion industry talking for starters and hopefully the ripple-effect will kick in soon enough. Have an interactive website. The internet is always the best way to connect with an audience and the best part of it is that it is relatively free.

With information being so widely available on the internet, the magazine’s content must also be exclusive. Heck, the focus on local fashion is already unique! That is the selling point, tap on locals’ pride. Together with the latest in international fashion, local editorials featuring local designer clothes, cool features and bam, we have our magazine.

Sounds simple enough but I don’t actually know how hard it really is. But what I’m trying to say is that with the right group of people together with dedication for this cause and enough financial muscle, it is possible! Honestly, I think this magazine could work. There is a niche in this market and someone has to address this need and exploit it! The local fashion industry is growing far too slowly for my liking and this growth has to be sustained too. I believe it is a magazine worth investing in.

What do you think? I wanna know. Go or no go?

Image credits: FASHIONTREND Australia

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