Personal Style #6 | Shentonista

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This was what I wore to the Future Fashion Now showcase held at W.E. Workshop Element a couple of weeks ago and to my surprise, Charlene from Shentonista came up to ask for a photo seconds after I just got there. Founder of Shentonista, Darren joined us outside soon after for more photos as we chatted.

While I have heard of Shentonista and read it occasionally, I haven’t exactly got a clue about who they were until that day; and it was very much a pleasant experience amid overcast skies. What I like about Shentonista are the well-taken photos and the ever so descriptive text to go along with it, and they post every day. That’s 365 stylish folks from Singapore a year!

Check out the full story on Shentonista.

P.S. That’s the contrast linen carrot pants I designed and made myself.


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