Hey there!

FASHION SLOP is a Singapore fashion blog that is essentially a compilation of fashion news, editorials, ad campaigns that every follower of fashion should know, coupled with a dash of personal style, street style and coverage of the local Singapore fashion scene.

This and its entirety is aimed at being an all-in-one fashion blog for the global audience, brought to you by Ryan Pak –with his two cents’ worth.

An avid follower of fashion and probably one of the gayest straight men you’ll ever meet, Ryan Pak has been actively blogging for over one year now and is currently a fashion student.

FASHION SLOP welcomes press releases and invitations to events that are related to the blog’s niche, however, I will always write my unbiased views if I choose to cover any event. As of this moment, FASHION SLOP does not engage in advertising and sponsorship deals.

Contact me at fashionslop@hotmail.com if you are interested in collaborations and the above opportunities or if you have any feedback or enquiries.

Ryan Pak