David Gandy | Velour Magazine Film

This is a follow-up to the David Gandy | Dolce & Gabbana Book post. Tapped for an exclusive collaboration with Velour magazine, David Gandy stars in a brand-new fashion film set in a dark warehouse shot by editor-in-chief Eddie Bovingdon. Soundtrack is Machine Gun by Portishead. Check out the film below.

Sometimes I don’t get the idea for such videos. What is the whole point of a fashion film? What is the film trying to market? Menswear? Is it solely about fashion or does it possess underlying themes? You can look at it from different angles and come up with different ideas but only the creater/conceptualiser can give you a definite answer. Even then, the impact of such videos remains to be seen -in my opinion. Let me know what you think.

If you like the soundtrack by Portishead, check out the live video of them playing one of their hit songs Roads below. Surreal.

David Gandy | Dolce & Gabbana Book

DavidGandy Dolce&Gabbana

Best known for his advertisement with Dolce & Gabbana‘s Light Blue fragrance back in 2007 which had 11 million hits online and a 50 foot poster of him shot by Mario Testino that graced Times Square, David Gandy has certainly had an incredible rise to cult status in the modeling and fashion industry. Fast-forward to 2011, apart from being Dolce & Gabbana‘s favourite male supermodel, he has a book dedicated to him, also by Dolce & Gabbana no less.

David Gandy and Anna Jagodzinska by Mario Testino for Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

The book is simply titled David Gandy by Dolce & Gabbana and features an array of sensual and provocative photos -consisting of both early and exclusive new images- that are shot by Mariano Vivanco who had dedicated an entire calendar to him back in 2008. Available at all Dolce & Gabbana stores worldwide, all proceeds will go towards the designers’ supported charity–Project EUPLOOS.

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna1

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna2

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna3

DavidGandy by DolceGabbana13

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna4

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna5

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna6

DavidGandy by DolceGabbana14

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna7

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna8

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna9

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna10

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna11

Dandy Gandy by Dolce & Gabanna12

What do you think? Pointless? Or all for charity while tugging at heartstrings of young women out there? To me, charitable causes aside, it’s just really for keepsake and nothing else. I don’t even think it would be appropriate for a coffee table book. Heck, if these images are enough for you, bookmark this page right now and you’re done! But you gotta admit, he is the epitome of a male supermodel no doubt.

That aside, check out what went down during the launch of the David Gandy by Dolce & Gabbana book in Milan in the video below.

Still can’t get enough of him? Then read David Gandy’s blog for vogue.com UK.

Image credits: ftape, thefashionisto

IFB Project #2: Who’s Your Friend?

I came across the IFB Project #2: Let’s Get Poetic on Twitter and was intrigued. The task was to pick an item from your closet and write a Haiku about it. A Haiku is a Japanese short poem made up of 3 phrases with 17 syllables divided into 5, 7, 5. Interesting? Here’s my entry.

Shoes are a boy’s friend.

But I don’t have a boyfriend.

Fashion’s my best friend!

Check out the Independent Fashion Bloggers site if you are a fashion blogger.

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Personal Style #2 | T-shirt and Jeans

personal style #2 t-shirt and jeans

The T-shirt and jeans combo have been pretty much the uniform for your everyday guy here. It is amazing what a simple fitted t-shirt and a pair of slim-cut jeans can do wonders for this whole look.

Pick a t-shirt that fits -not too tight and not too baggy- that has interesting details or prints. In this case, my t-shirt has a bleached effect, quite subtle but not plain. If the proportion is just right, tuck it in to show your belt. Also, if you are going for a plain jersey t-shirt, you might want to throw in some accessories like a necklace to add a little detail there or you can take the focus away from that plain t-shirt by jazzing up other parts of your outfit be it your shoes, a cool bag or an interesting bottom. Here, my accessories run the gamut from necklace, cuffs to rings; for me it’s pretty much every outfit’s staple.

personal style #2 t-shirt and jeans

I would also like to stress the importance of a pair of good-looking shoes. Probably the most important aspect of the outfit for me. Let’s just say, it will make or break an outfit. Throw in a cool bag and you are good to go! And let me just say this: men/guys/boys can all work a clutch! Just work it if you dare, let them stare and judge for they do not know. Agree or no?

Here’s what I wore:
Uniqlo newsboy cap
ASOS t-shirt
A.P.C. jeans
Aquascutum belt
ASOS brogues
Fendi clutch
Necklace, rings and cuffs from assorted places.

Image credits: fashionslop

Filipa Fino Leaves Vogue

Ex-senior accessories director of Vogue US, Filipa Fino, has left the magazine after 11 years on the job. I repeat LEFT. Rumours are rife that she has been fired over ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Heck, anything can constitute to inappropriate behaviour. Apparently there is talk that she received outside consulting gigs and pocketed accessories samples for herself.

‘I got a lot of offers prior to this to consult. I never took them, because you’re not allowed to as a Vogue editor’ -Filipa Fino

From what I’ve been reading online, she does not openly deny being fired but merely states ‘Those are all rumors’. If you do not confirm or respond vaguely to a question, rumours are bound to arise. This reminds me of when Carine Roitfeld left Vogue Paris. What is up with all this ‘political mess’ at magazines? This is of interest to me and puzzles me because why would you want to leave when you are at the top of your game? Unless of course, you have achieved everything in that particular company that you have set out to do. Does it end there then? And is that really all that you have set out to do? Or if it is the other case (i.e. getting fired), should you not just do what you gotta do and nothing more? Or was the offer of the gig just too tempting for you? Well, we will never know for sure.

But what we do know is that Filipa Fino will be setting up her own consulting firm FFConsulting (Filipa Fino Consulting) and her own accessories blog. I’ll be sure to follow her blog then.

Image credits: style.com