Pretty Boy: Andrej Pejic

Pretty boy Andrej Pejic. Just as I was looking at scruffy MEN (and I mean scruffy full-on; unshaven, chest hair and a hint of down-below), I chanced upon the beautiful and breathtaking image of Andrej Pejic. I had to double take, his sightly bushy eyebrows gave him away. His pouty smooth lips, sky-high cheekbones, sharp nose with deep-set eyes and long blonde locks would make any woman jealous. While I know I was and I’m a boy!

So who is this boy? How many of you have heard of him?

Well let’s lay down same basic bio. He is of mix-descent (his father is a Croat and his mother a Serb), 19 (20 this year), made his first appearance on the runway at Jean Paul-Gaultier Spring/Summer 2011 and after that appearances at Paul Smith, John Galliano and Raf Simmons ensued. While that was the defining season for him, he did a couple of editorials previously, most notably for Wonderland. Well-sought after for his androgynous look, like those before him: Martin Cohn and Allen Roth, he became an ‘up-and-coming’.

The guess-the-gender question came up. It was unique. Androgyny. Cole Mohr has done it for Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2008/2009 campaign (this one was more cross-dressing though). Lady Gaga’s been there and Agyness Deyn among others. Even myself! Unwittingly of course! I wonder if boys have a feminine side? Is it just the degree of feminity? Or are we just all testosterone? And ladies do you like a ladylike boy (i mean not full-on of course) as your beau? Or do you prefer the manly man? Sexy or no? I want to know!

Here’s what he has to say: “I may as well push it to the limits. I wouldn’t dress this way if I didn’t have fun with it.” That is exactly the spirit!

What’s next for him?

The face of Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign alongside Ginta Lapina.

Stay tuned as he looks set to star in Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign alongside Karolina Kurkova. For now, a goodbye pout from geeky Andrej Pejic.

Oh wait here’s a video showcasing the best of Andrej Pejic. Love the soundtrack. Enjoy!

Image Source: The FashionistoStyleitemodels.comfyeahandrejpejic