Valentino F/W 10 Ad Campaign

I just learnt that the Valentino F/W 10 ad campaign will feature models in the nude which is not entirely a fresh subject. The question is what is the point of nudity in fashion where clothes are supposed to cover up our bits and the only answer that comes to mind is the artistic value of nudity. But having said that, ad campaigns are supposed to showcase a designers clothes and I feel nudity in the ad takes the eye and attention away from the main purpose of the ad. It just does not make sense to me why nudity in fashion is here to stay and we will always be confronted with these images quite frequently. And so we have it, the Valentino F/W 10 ad campaign featuring Freja Beha Erichsen, Monika “Jac” Jagaciak and Tati Cotillard in alternating nude images with ones that have them in the label’s clothes. The ad also features male model, Alex Gilbert. Here is a preview of the ad shot by David Sims

Gap ‘Close’ Fragrance F/W 10 Ad Campaign

Anja Rubik and boyfriend Sasha Knezevic star together again, this time in the Gap ‘Close’ fragrance F/W 10 ad campaign. Don’t they look good together? They are helming 25magazine together too, with Sasha as the editor-in-chief and creative director and Anja as the fashion and art director along with their editorial team.

Gap ‘Close’ fragrance is available here!