Future Fashion Now (FFN) to Launch at Audi Fashion Festival 2012

Future Fashion Now, Audi Fashion Festival

Future Fashion Now (FFN) a one-of-a-kind digital platform, where consumers can purchase the latest designer collections straight off the runway, will be launching at this year’s Audi Fashion Festival 2012. From 17 – 19 May 2012, consumers can log into www.futurefashionnow.com to watch the live streams of Pre-Spring (Cruise) 2013 shows of the 13 Future Fashion Now designers, and at the same time pre-order and secure their favorite pieces from those collections –months before they hit stores. The pre-order window is one month while delivery will typically take between 6 weeks to 4 months. This is still well ahead of the time these collections typically hit stores in November 2012.

How awesome is that? But is this new? The Future Fashion Now digital platform is definitely new but the concept of buying pieces immediately off the runway is not. Burberry has been doing it consecutively for a few seasons now, while Halston did it in 2008 with a collaboration with Net-A-Porter. Roland Mouret did it too when he first launched the RM by Roland Mouret line during the Fall/Winter 2007/2008 season as well as Rad Hourani during the Spring/Summer 2011 season.

This concept essentially eliminates the buyer as consumers can buy what they want immediately before the buyers actually decide what they want to bring in to their stores next season. Well the question now is do the buyers want to know what is selling out now before they make a purchase? Will this statistic be available to the buyers? I suppose it will be somewhat useful.

That aside, here are the 13 Future Fashion Now designers. They are: Timo Weiland (New York), Jonathan Simkhai (New York), Juma (New York), Maria Francesca Pepe (London), Yeojin Bae (Melbourne), Esther Perbandt (Berlin), Saena (Berlin), Suecomma Bonnie (Seoul), Venna (Hong Kong), Alldressedup (Singapore), Dzojchen (Singapore), Mae Pang (Singapore) and Max Tan (Singapore). These designer labels will be showcasing both at Audi Fashion Festival 2012 and Blueprint 2012. The full schedule of Future Fashion Now shows on offer at Audi Fashion Festival 2012 are listed below. Tickets are priced at S$60 which includes a S$50 FFN voucher and are available at www.gatecrash.com.sg. You can also watch the live streams at www.futurefashionnow.com.

17 May, Thursday, 6pm (GMT +8)
Future Fashion Now featuring Timo Weiland (New York) | Yeojin Bae (Melbourne) | Esther Perbandt (Berlin) Pre-Spring 2013, Presented by Canon

18 May, Friday, 8pm (GMT +8)
Future Fashion Now featuring Jonathan Simkhai (New York) | Saena (Berlin) | Juma (New York) Pre-Spring 2013

19 May, Saturday, 6pm (GMT +8)
Alldressedup (Singapore) Autumn/Winter 2012, Presented by MasterCard

19 May, Saturday, 10pm (GMT +8)
Future Fashion Now featuring Max Tan (Singapore) | Mae Pang (Singapore) | Dzojchen (Singapore) Pre-Spring 2013, Presented by Canon

Now let’s check out what these 13 Future Fashion Now designers have to offer at this year’s Audi Fashion Festival 2012.

Alldressedup, Future Fashion Now

Alldressedup (Singapore)

Max Tan, Future Fashion Now

Max Tan (Singapore)

Yeojin Bae, Future Fashion Now

Yeojin Bae (Melbourne)

Venna, Future Fashion Now

Venna (Hong Kong)

Timo Weiland, Future Fashion Now

Timo Weiland (New York)

Suecomma Bonnie, Future Fashion Now

Suecomma Bonnie (Korea)

Saena, Future Fashion Now

Saena (Berlin)

Maria Francesca Pepe, Future Fashion Now

Maria Francesca Pepe (London)

Mae Pang, Future Fashion Now

Mae Pang (Singapore)

Jonathan Simkhai, Future Fashion Now

Jonathan Simkhai (New York)

Esther Perbandt, Future Fashion Now

Esther Perbandt (Berlin)

Dzojchen, Future Fashion Now

Dzojchen (Sngapore)

Juma, Future Fashion Now

Juma (New York)

Images Courtesy of Future Fashion Now