Tavi Gevinson | L’Officiel Paris October 2011 Cover

Tavi Gevinson, L'Officiel Paris October 2011 Cover, Jean-Paul-Goude

Tavi Gevinson lands her second magazine cover for L’Officiel Paris October 2011 no less. The L’Officiel Paris October 2011 issue marks the magazine’s 90th anniversary and featuring Tavi Gevinson on the cover brought about much talk. Before you comment on the cover, take a closer look.

Shot by Jean-Paul Goude, Tavi Gevinson is rocking her signature granny-chic style perched on an oversized chair. She is a 15 year old American fashion blogger, scribbling on her notepad carrying a quilted bag that would suit better on someone way beyond her years. There is a message and story behind this cover but the question is –do you approve of it? Check out her new venture Rookie, an online magazine targeted at people her age or visit her fashion blog, Style Rookie.

It is also noted that the L’Officiel Paris October 2011 cover is not Tavi Gevinson’s first cover. Her only other cover was for POP Magazine Fall/Winter 2009/10. There are two cover editions, check them out below.

POP Magazine Fall/Winter 2009/10 cover, Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson, POP Magazine Fall/Winter 2009/10 cover

Image credits: tfs