TOM FORD Spring/Summer 2011

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2011 featured in Vogue US December 2010

Tom Ford. Well, what do you know about him? Is he just a big name in fashion and you swoon ‘oh Tom Ford‘? So what’s so good about him? It’s like you know Chanel and Hermes and someone asks you what you like about them and you give them the blank stare and say ‘ohh it’s…nice, chic, elegant (and what-not)’ So are you just paying for the brand? The status when you parade the interlocking ‘c’s around town or that letter ‘H’ on your bag? Yes you know the workmanship of the bag, it’s good, no it’s excellent. But in spite of all these trademarks that define a brand’s image, what we are looking at is actually the clothes. The clothes are almost always the foundation of the brand. This is what fashion is about. It has always been about the clothes. What did Coco Chanel get noticed for? It’s her willingness to break boundaries and design and wear her own clothes that were supposed to be deemed inappropriate of her time and not her 2.55s (though that came later) A fashion label diversifies in the future to include accessories, beauty products and the whole brand is established right there.

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2011 featured in Vogue US December 2010

But what is sad is that people nowadays are more interested in the bags (correct me if i’m wrong). They can spend a couple of thousands on a Balenciaga and there you have it, status on your arm (it’s nice no doubt). Whereas if you were to wear a Jonathan Saunders dress with those snazzy geometric prints, people won’t necessarily notice that you are a woman of status if that is what you are trying to portray. But well, think about it, if you are in your sartorial best, what you are wearing will get noticed by people! It’s sorta like street style blogs, it’s about what you wear that get’s you noticed! What I’m trying to say is that it’s not always about the bags. The bags accompanies, accessorises, jazzes up the outfit. Of course bags are utilised more, they can be carried every day so it makes your money spent worthwhile while dresses, tops and such are only worn maybe once a week? It’s like wallets or shoes too. People talk about these accessories more than the actual clothes. So maybe that’s why fast-fashion/high-street labels are doing so well? It’s cheaper although they are actually knock-offs; based on a design from a designer label. It is like that most of the time. I would go for high-street labels of course; you could make it look expensive. I guess that is how the average consumer thinks nowadays? Yes/no? But nothing beats the original!

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2011 featured in W Magazine January 2011

Moving on to Tom Ford. Who do you know him as? The man credited for the revival of the Gucci brand (and for some part at Yves Saint Laurent as well)? The man behind the modern eyewear and fragrances for his eponymous label? The man who does sleek and clean menswear, worn by Hollywood’s A-list? The man who dressed Daniel Craig’s James Bond for Quantum of Solace? Or the man who is openly gay and has a love for sexuality in his ad campaigns which sometimes borders on the line of pornography? All of the above I would say.

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2011 featured in V Magazine #69 featuring Julia Reston Roitfeld. She interviews Tom Ford. Check out the interview here!

For Tom Ford, it was always about the clothes and we like him for that. After a 6 year absence in the womenswear scene, he is back with his debut womenswear line from his eponymous label. It was showed privately to less than 100 people (including models) back in September and true to his word a video of the event has just been released. It features Beyonce, Julianne Moore, Karen Elson, Daria Werbowy, Freja Beha Erichsen, Karlie Kloss, Emmanuelle Seigner, Lou Doillon, Lauren Hutton, Natalia Vodianova, Rinko Kikuchi, Daphne Guinness, Julia Reston Roitfeld, Chanel Iman, Du Juan, Stella Tenant, Amber Valletta among others walking for Tom Ford. Can somebody say ‘WOW’? Only Tom Ford can get these kind of women, all inspirational in their own right to walk for him. It was very nice seeing all of them have fun, including the audience clapping and laughing to every bit of amusement. It was like a celebration of Tom Ford‘s return to womenswear. Makes me smile a lot.

“Richard (Buckley) knows that for years when I was at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, I had a recurrent nightmare and it would last for a week before the show that the clothes would not arrive, that something went wrong, that the atelier burn down and that I had to stand up in front of all of you and talk for 20 minutes. It’s a tough crowd! I am happy to say that tonight I am very proud. We have, I think, wonderful clothes to show you and we also have I think many of the women–the most inspirational women–to model for us. So I’d like to present to you now my Spring 2011 ’Women’ collection,” said Tom before the show started.

Just amazing (yeap cliche line there hah). Beyonce worked a sequined number; there were a lot of silk; silk georgette, silk tulle, silk chiffon, fringe, leopard prints, tuxedos coupled with the fedora, leather jacket and skirt, big hair and even bigger sleeves. It was very film noir and with Karen Elson’s Pretty Babies playing, it really did set the mood. I can see a lot of the clothes being worn by fashion’s various it girls including the icons that walked for him. You have got to really love fashion to work his clothes. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Here is the video. Enjoy!

Image Source: Wmagazine, Vmagazine, FGR